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We are proud and excited to inform you that Northside Girls Dorm is now full. When we started using the facility, we had only twelve girls. But now we have more than forty girls and one teacher. We are grateful to Northside Baptist Church of Darien Georgia USA for funding the facility.


An introduction to African Counseling and Therapy

By Prof. Adam K. arap Chepkwony

This book was officially launched on 12th March 2014. The book written by Prof. Chepkwony discusses about counseling from an African perspective. The book goes on and argues that western and African counseling are diverse and different. The title Return and Pick it therefore suggests that Africans should go back to their culture and pick the essential pieces of their practices that are relevant to African counseling. This is because western and African world views are divergent or opposite in nature, one advocating individualism and the other communal living. Therefore counseling skills and techniques used in the west are not necessarily appropriate in the African context. To read more about the book or download it, click this link or the button below.

The lower primary pupils visited the University of Kabianga and Kericho town on the 31st May. it was a great learning opportunity and exciting experience.

The Kongasis Water Project

The water project that was funded by Western Presbyterian Church, NY was successfully completed and it’s serving the school community adequately.the availability of clean water has made a great difference in Kongasis Centre. Thanks to WPC, NY who has given Kongasis life.

The Kongasis Primary School students have continued to excel in games and sports. This term, they competed excellently and proceeded to the Kenyan Districts Sports level.

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