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Kongasis Christian Education Center was established in the year 2001. The idea was mooted by Prof. Adam K. arap Chepkwony who was inspired to assist Sunday school children who held their classes in the open since the church was too far away for most of them to walk. His intention was to construct a structure the size of a garage to protect these children from the cold and rain. It never occurred to him then that this decision would lead to the establishment of an institution upon the request of the community. This marked the humble beginning of Kongasis Christian Education Center (KACECE), which is registered as a community based organization (CBO) by the Ministry of Social Services in Kenya. With the support of the parents and with financial contributions from Dr. Chepkwony and friends in the US, in a few years the Sunday School project grew into a Nursery School and gradually a Full Primary School by 2006. From its inception, the intent of KACECE was to provide quality and affordable education for pupils in this rural community setting. To help subsidize the costs associated with the school, KACECE embarked on several economic development projects and mobilized the community through awareness meetings in an effort to create the support system to enable youth attain a basic education and consequently help alleviate poverty in the surrounding community.

A prosperous community that responds to the pressures of globalization by successfully integrating education, modern technology, spirituality and African values.

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To improve the livelihood of the people in the surrounding rural community by providing education that is grounded on African indigenous moral values and Christian principles while encouraging the sustainable use of natural and cultural resources.

To improve the livelihood of the local people by providing quality, affordable education, that is grounded in African indigenous moral values and Christian principles.

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